Aziz Azion Pens Down Heartfelt Apology to Baby Mama Deby Wadsen After their Bitter Breakup

Posted on May 11, 2021
By Sean Musa Carter
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A few months ago singer Aziz Azion was dumped by his baby mama and longtime lover Deby Wadsen and she flew out of the country but now the singer is on bended knees begging for forgiveness.

Well known for not being a womanizer, who also always flaunts off his baby mama Deby whenever he gets a chance, Aziz Azion had taken long without posting her anywhere until recently during mothers day.

Even through the post he put out on his social media, Aziz did not tag Debbie, raising speculations of how she had blocked him as she also never appeared anywhere in the comment section to acknwolegde having seen the post.

Aziz went to his social media and put out a ublic apology to Debby and in the same post he attached a photo of his mother.

"For all the pain I have given you, I am sorry. But I promise that I will only give you smiles and happiness. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ❤😍🥰"- he posted.

We are yet to hear from Deby whether she has forgiven him or she already moved on.