All About Spice Diana’s Life, She Opens Up in an Interview

Posted on Sep 19, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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As a young girl with alot of passion for art and music, female singer Hajarah Namukwaya started up as a fashion designer while still in school at Kampala Citizen College in 2012 and she was working with the Triplets Ghetto Kids until the spirit of music called upon her.

During an Interview with Blizz Uganda, the “Onsanula” hit maker narrated to us deep secrets about her music struggles and these included how she ended up in music recording music until a point that she went professional.

Spice Diana revealed to us that she wrote her first song in S.5 due to pressure from the Ghetto Kids members like Patricia who told her that she could sing so she picked up the pen and wrote her first song called “Nze Akwagala” which didn’t do so well until she used her S.6 third term School fees to record and shoot the music video of her breakthrough hit song called “Onsanula.”

She was chased from school and almost missed out on sitting for UNEB exams until she went and talked to the principal who was kind enough to let her sit for the exams and bring the money later.

Watch Spice Diana’s Interview Below:

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