Eddy Kenzo Worryingly Close to Rema Namakula, Showers Her With Love and Money (VIDEO)

Posted on Oct 22, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Once celebrated power couple in town, Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula are set for a surprise reunion after the two getting worrying close again even without Dr Hamza Ssebunya seeing them. This has worried fans and friends.

A year ago, Dr. Hamza Sebunya took a big step to wedding songbird Rema Namakula when he was introduced in the home of her parents.

This was after a summary of a failed relationship between the "Blessed" singer and Rema that was characterized with a lot of irregularities despite registering a beautiful baby girl together.

Now, with almost a year down the road, Young Mandela is already doing whatever he can to correct his past mistakes that saw him lose the "Ekyama" singer to another man and it was recently evident in a video when the ex-lovers shared memories after linking up during a wedding ceremony in Masaka.

Eddy Kenzo

The latest video clip that Blizz Uganda has ascertained speaks volumes as Eddy Kenzo is seen ambushing Rema's music performance during the intro ceremony thereby showering her with millions of shillings.

The excited Rema is too hard asking the audience to give an applause to his baby daddy as an appreciation for the big surprise.

This has since then left revelers suspicious that since 'what goes around has to come around, Kenzo and Rema's dramatic reunion shouldn't be far away from the corner.

Watch the Video Below:

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