"I Dare You to Show us Your Graduation Photos"- Betty Nambooze to Museveni

Posted on Oct 14, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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As the Museveni academic mystery takes a twist as more Ugandans join the campaign to compel the 76 year old ruler to adduce his credentials, MP Nambooze believes it is possible that indeed Mr. Tibahaburwa did not complete his studies.

Featuring on the Tuesday night Barometer extra show, the Mukono municipality legislator lashed out at the EC spokesperson, Paul Bukenya for conspiring with the NRM to conceal Museveni’s credentials.

“Some of you a reputable people who have been through school. It is sad for man of great honour like you who went through Makerere to be the same conspiring to conceal an illegality,” Nambooze fumed at Mr. Bukenya. “What is taking so long to have Museveni’s academic credentials published,” she wonders.

Bukenya reacts in a zigzagging model as he refers to the September, 3 EC response letter to petitioner, Muwadda Nkunyinji who wrote asking for the head of state’s credentials. It is upon this ping pong response that Nambooze takes it upon herself and appeals to the public and people who could have gone to class with Museveni to save the debate and adduce any of his graduation photos.

“I am very eager to see Museveni’s graduation pictures. Whoever has access to them please just share with me,” she appealed.

She is joined by FDC Lord Mayor aspirant and incumbent Erias Lukwago who raises similar concerns regarding Museveni’s academic credentials. “Why don’t you release president Museveni’s documents?,” Lukwago fumes at Bukenya. “Is his Tibuhaburwa name bew or he had it before? The president’s documents have become classified information,” Lukwago decries.

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