"I have always loved Irene Ntale, She is my woman"- Mudra confesses deep feelings

Posted on Sep 13, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Popular Ugandan songwriter and singer Mudra D Viral has come out and confessed deep feeling for former Swangz Avenue singer Irene Ntale and how much she disorganizes his blood pressure.

While appearing on Spark Television for an interview, Mudra told the Live Wire Gossip reporter how much he has always loved Irene Ntale from way back in school.

"I have always loved Irene Ntale, she is my woman and favorite artiste cause even in school i used to look up to her. Though I don't want a collabo with her, I have always wanted to be close to her"- Mudra confessed.

Meanwhile, Mudra has also written songs for so many different artistes including; Cindy, Karole Kasita and many other musicians but now he has put a pause on writing  for others to focus on his music career.

He recently released his own song called Kimuli Kyange.

Watch his Live Wire interview below:

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