Frank Gashumba Surprises Heartbroken Sheila Gashumba with a Brand New Car

Posted on Aug 08, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Upon Sheila Gashumba getting dumped by her boyfriend Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God's Plan, her father Frank Gashumba has decided to surprise her with a brand new BMW saloon car to mend her broken heart.

Word has it that Sheila's lover Ali murcus aka God's plan parted ways with the pencil-thin sized fashionista over allegations of infidelity and called off the affair.

The power couple were painting Kampala red and social media platforms living high life in Kampala's high end and exclusive places an Envy to many.

Gashumba was against the affair from its onset but Sheila could not hear anything of it since she was madly in love with her prince charming.

"While i had given Spice Diana a visit to sell to her my new luxury wig line and after selling the wigs to her, she actually wanted to drive me home but she had a live zoom interview so her manager Roger decided to drop me home as My dad kept insisting that i need to be home Asap as he has something important to tell me!! I walked into the gate and found a monster white BMW and he my dad said to me, this is your car!!! Thank you dad. I know it isn't my birthday and you still didn't find a reason to gift me!! Love you x YOU ARE THE BEST ALWAYS AND FOREVER Now who wants a lift 😂"- Sheila Gashumba narrated.

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