"I won't take back my words, Bobi Wine lacks credentials and all his fans are cheap prostitutes"- Zari Hassan

Posted on Jul 06, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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City socialite Zari Hassan has hit hard at People Power supporters and their ignorance claiming that Bobi Wine lacks Credentials and can never rule smart Ugandans, she has also called upon Basoga to stay away from meaningless People Power.

Socialite Zari Hassan has slammed People Power supporters for allegedly insulting her on social media when she reportedly asked about the credentials of Bobi Wine, the leader of the political pressure group.

Zari says no one has a right to stop her from expressing herself because she also has a right to use her platforms to air out her views like any other Ugandan.

“I am not for NRM, People Power or FDC. I am a citizen of Uganda. I do not need media to tell me what to do. I am media. I am the platform and I’m going to use my platform to say everything I want,” she said in a video recording.

Zari further explained that she did not insult anyone affiliated to People Power but instead tried to help the very many people, especially those of People Power who don’t know what their political movement stands for.

When someone asks for credentials and you abuse them, you are not giving answers. I am not the only one who doesn’t know credentials, many of us don’t,” she said. She added that people should stop demeaning ‘her’ tribe because, at the end of the day, the political candidates need votes from such tribes.

Watch Zari Hassan's Latest Live Video about Bobi Wine Below:

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