Gabriel K to Stage An Online Live Music Concert Tonight

Posted on Jun 20, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Gabriel K will perform a livestreamed solo concert on Saturday 20th June in a new trend of online concerts being done by a number of musicians.
In what he has termed as "We Just Want Love" Concert, it will be an hour's performance that will be streamed on his social media handles and a host of many other sites that have been engaged to carry the same.

In a twist that lends this an edge over the other concerts, it will also air live on NBS Television. This is a first as there has never been a live concert done on this channel.

Indeed he has been a man of many firsts from running billboards in the city advertising his album, running adverts on television for his music and now putting up a live show without charging for it.

Why does he do this?

"As a singer, I do not feel like I am working, I feel like I am experiencing life. I do it because I love it. So I'm giving myself out to the world and I don't feel that i want to charge for my brand yet".

This is quite an interesting approach to a music career indeed.

It’s more about the music than the recognition, singing is really a basic need. I continue to sing because there is nothing else in the world that brings me that kind of joy.

So there goes, this Saturday stands to be a test of whether he has got what it takes to move an audience into believing his act.
With Two albums under his belt, a total of 34 songs and 18 videos, it is quite a big collection from which to choose from.

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