"I am better than Spice Diana and Ugandans know"- Cindy Sanyu Angry with Zzina Awards

Posted on Jun 15, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Singer Cindy Sanyu has trashed the recently concluded Galaxy FM Zzina Awards revealing how Ugandans really know the truth that she is better than Spice Diana.

The furious vocal Queen going bare knuckles with the organisers of Zzina Awards follows the crowing of her nemesis, Spice Diana as the Female Artiste of the year yet in actual sense its not the reality.

Having showcased a lot of music art and projects that were summed up with a record as the first Ugandan female musician to have filled the historical Lugogo Cricket Oval in the Boom Party Music concert, Cindy is disappointed that a few board members of the Zzina awards committee decided the winners on behalf of the entire fans in the industry thereby gifting Spice Diana the top Award of the year a decision that was made controversially.

However, the undisputed King of the Dancehall managed to take home the Dancehall Singer of the year Award and her song "Boom Party" winning the DanceHall song of the year Award.

"Lemme tell you something real. 2019 was an amazing year for me.
There is so much I found out about myself,my art,my fans and the industry and I am very grateful for the success I have achieved.
I know exactly who I am in this industry and after the Boom party concert I realized that uganda knows exactly who I am in this region so I chose to believe 40,000 ugandans than a few board members in an awards commitee.
Thank you but no thanks
Yours truely
Yours bluntly and honestly
Cindy biabe
Definitely the Kingherself
God bless y'all,"
lamented Cindy Sanyu through her socials.

Tell us what you think about Cindy Sanyu's perspective on the Zzina Awards.

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