Heartbreaking Video Of How Haruna Mubiru Brutally Beat Up, Used and Dumped Kemi Sera

Posted on Jun 05, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer Kemi Sera has announced her departure from Kream Productions Band as she accuses the proprietor, Hajj Haruna Mubiru of sexually and psychologically abusing her.

Famously known for the "Malala" hit single, Sera is one of the few remaining known artistes that had remained intact in the "Kitooke" singer's Kream Productions Band following the departure of many after cities a number of irregularities.

Apart from music, it is reported that Kemi Sera had become Hajj Haruna's side chic but as of now, he had dumped and failed her music career after using her.

During an exclusive interview with a local TV station, the "Kagato" singer has revealed how Hajj Haruna is a ladies man in Kream Productions and will drop you day and then after registering a new beauty queen in the music group.

Watch the Shocking Video Below:

The emotional Kemi Sera has opened up how she was tired of beatings and torture from Hajji Haruna no wonder she has decided to call it quits.

"Hullo My Lovely Funs And Friends. I Have Made This Post To Inform You That Am No Longer In *KREAM PRODUCTION Band... ...

For those who love #KEMI_SERA, Keep Supporting me #Bambi. But I want To Thank Basically Hajj Haruna And kream production Team@Large For Being There For Me For All This Time... Thank you so much Guys," she posted on her socials.

Check out her confession below;

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