Desperate Rema Namakula to finance her Introduction, Dr Ssebunya has no money to waste on ceremonies

Posted on Sep 10, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Latest news Blizz Uganda has received from trusted sources close to the couple of Rema Namakula and her new lover Dr Hamza Ssebunya indicate that she is set to finance her introduction ceremony estimated to cost over UGx 200Million.


We have been alerted that Rema Namakula is largely the force behind her Kwanjula ceremony as she will be officially introducing her new love doctor, Hamza Ssebunya to her parents on 14th, November in Nabbingo and legalize their bonking sessions.


According to an insider who considers anonymity, the angelic voiced songbird actually is doing everything possible to become ‘Mukyala doctor’ that is why she is more than willing to pay over 200Million for her to hold a very expensive and luxurious ceremony that will be very memorable.


…she in-charge of everything and not willing face embarrassment after publicly leaving Kenzo. The guy is only putting in only  25% and the rest is for Rema to cater for. Banange omukazi ayagadde doctor byansuso. All she want is Kwanjula to happen”, a source revealed to us.

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