How Juliana Kanyomozi Managed to Hide Her Pregnancy For 9 Month

Posted on May 14, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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The question on everyone's mind is how singer Juliana Kanyomozi managed to hide her pregnancy from the public for 9 months. Our team of experts know where she has been hiding.

According to Blizz Uganda research team, Last year rumors of Juliana Kanyomozi being pregnant escalated but no one believed it as alot of rumors had been going around which was false.

Now after the singer coming out to reveal how she gave birth, we decide to tell you why you failed to believe the rumors and how she managed to hide it.

According to research, Juliana Kanyomozi finally gave birth on 12th even though she decided to tell the world on 13th.

Watch the video below:

Below are some of the ways she managed to hide her pregnancy;

1. Remember in August (2019) many of you congratulated Juliana when she posted "WHEN THE TOM BOY IN ME KICKS"? That statement meant something else but since it wasn't direct not everyone got it.

2. Around the same time Juliana was gifted a brand new Mercedes Benz and she was worthy gifting as a new mom, which you were so blind to notice,

3. Juliana Kanyomozi moved away from Uganda to abroad where she has been hiding until labour when she gave birth and decided to tell the world.

3. Since August Juliana had never posted a full pic but selfies. [Run to her page] It's now nine months and am here to tell you she gave birth but still undercover that could be the reason she never came out to help during this pandemic

4. Juliana declined a booking worthy 80 millions by a prominent city events promotor who wanted her live in concert on MOTHER'S DAY. [she was pregnant and couldn't show up in public] Unluckily the lockdown caught Juliana outside the country with her loaded sumbie eater.

Julian kanyomozi in hospital with her son


Juliana Kanyomozi Gives Birth to a Baby Boy, Unknown Facts About the Father Leak

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