Ang3lina Broken After Loosing Grandma to COVID-19, She Cries Her Heart Out

Posted on April 09, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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London based Ugandan singer Angela Nabuufu a.k.a Ang3lina is totally broken and shattered after loosing her grandmother to COVID-19.

Ang3lina, a renown songstress with hit songs like Ghetto Lovin‘, TouchinBody, Drum Drum, Ronaldo, Oh Na Na, among others, lost her grand mother due to Coronavirus.

The ATR records singer revealed the sad news through her social media pages. In the message, she urged her fans to take COVID-19 seriously and not to underestimate the disease which took her grandmother’s life.

" My Dear Jajja M...
#COVID19 has taken you away from us but I know your up there resting easy in heaven now. Jajja M (my grandmas sister) looked after me during my early childhood. My middle name “Margaret” which most of u don’t know was named after her & Ima keep it forever. She loved me a lot. I will always love you and miss you. Don’t have much words right now. RIP my queen 💔. Please stay safe guys, this virus is real. Ima be off social media for some time. take care of yourselves. Bless. "-
She posted on her Instagram.

"If you a true fan of mine and have been following me since the days of ghetto loving, you will know that I rarely ever respond to stories online. Just to clear the air. But what’s really brought me here is really to warn you guys, my fans that COVID-19 is a serious virus. Please do not underestimate this pandemic. I have unfortunately lost a very dear Jajja (grandma) of mine to this virus. Someone who was very prominent in my early childhood years.Please let’s stay safe. I love you all. Take care of yourselves. Stay indoors."- She added on her Facebook.