EXPOSED: How FACE TV Has Terribly Led To The Collapse Of Ugandan Music (Tears Rolling)

Posted on Apr 06, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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When FACE TV had just opened up back in 2015 it was a one stop center for every musician to promote their music but now the same station has led to the collapse of so many talents as exposed in our tear dropping investigation.

FACE TV is a Ugandan music channel that plays Ugandan Music Videos 24/7 and it airs on StarTimes Channel 223.

The whole drama started when the administrator of Face TV Facebook page put up a post calling upon all musicians, new and already exstablished to send through their music videos but what shocked many was the fact that "they" also put a phone number.

Upon contacting them, the admin was asking for money, for both song submission and song airtime/airplay, something many musicians claim to be demeaning and dream killing because how many people will have to pay just to submit their music and also pay again to get airplay?

"How many more so young artists they disturb who Can t afford dis bro!!!imagine mbu submission?"- One of the musicians cried out to our team

Upon hearing this cry, Blizz Uganda investigative team took the pleasure to use raising musician Ganja Nana aka Nana Genius' Facebook page for future investigation, we contacted FACE TV via their Inbox asking them to play Ganja Nana's "Zzange" song, and to our surprise, it wasn't any different from what all the other musicians had told us.

A screenshot of our conversation

Now the question comes in. does the management of FACE TV approve of the acts their social media administrators showcase or they don't have a single clue about it all?

Yes we get it, paying for airplay is considered as a bribe but so many musicians do it including already established ones, but what in God's name is "Submission Fee"?


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