Illuminati starts to strike as Irene Ntale loses two aunties in one day

Posted on Sep 08, 2019
By Editor
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We will not rest until we have taken over illuminati leaders declare. Whoever denies the illuminati will be punished.
Rema, Kenzo and Juliana are panicking they could be next!

There have been rumours on the street that some Ugandan celebrities including Irene Ntale have been recruited as illuminati agents in Uganda a thing Ntale came out to deny. Rema, Kenzo and Juliana also denied it. Irene Ntale even promised five million to anyone who had proof that she is an illuminati agent. According to insider information, the illuminati thrives on human blood and sacrifice. It does not deal with people that speak anyhow and is going to punish those artistes for denying it. Irene Ntale is already paying as she lost two beloved aunties in one day yesterday. She posted on social media,

“I’ve lost two of my Dear Aunties
today!! RIP Aunty Getrude and Deborah!! So sad. Life ever so
fleeting.” May their souls Rest in Peace.

We have brought you some of the photos showing Irene Ntale displaying illuminati signs. More info shows that Rema, Kenzo and Juliana will be next. Some of the insiders we contacted said punishments are being set and they have said the illuminati has already set foot in Uganda and it’s leaders have declared they won’t stop until they have taken over the country through their agents like ambition mission. We will bring you more info as we continue investigations

irene ntaaa

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