Queen Elizabeth's Two Closest Servants Reportedly Test Positive For Coronavirus

Posted on Mar 29, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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A few days ago, Prince Charles tested positive for the coronavirus disease, after the heir apparent to the British throne met with Prince Albert of Monaco two weeks ago, who has been confirmed as being infected with the virus. The Prince and the Duchess are now in self-isolation at a residence in Scotland.

Now According to The Nation, a royal servant in close contact with Queen Elizabeth II tested positive for the COVID-19 disease, raising fears for the monarch’s health amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in the country, The Sun reported on Saturday.

The servant, whose duties include taking drinks and meals to the queen, introducing guests, handing her letters and messages and walking her dogs, has reportedly been sent home for self-isolation.

Prince Charles

“Everyone is terrified, not just for themselves but also for the Queen and the Duke", said one royal insider, according to the news outlet. “If everyone around them hasn’t been tested yet they should be and I’m sure they will be. There is a palpable sense of fear in the air at the moment”.

According to The Sun, the royal household examined a dozen other members of the staff and all tested negative for the virus.

Last week, the 93-year-old monarch along, with husband Prince Philip, 98, moved from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle after another servant at the London residence was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

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