"I am rich and young, don't expect me to act like your old mothers"- Zari Hassan hits at critics

Posted on Mar 28, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Tired of the endless attacks and being demeaned by concerns of social media in-laws, South African based Ugandan society and business lady Zarinah Hassan Tlale has hit hard at latter by cautioning them to take heart and let her live her life amidst these trying moments of the pandemic lock down.

Apart from openly showcasing her parentalhood duties by showering endless love to her children on allover her social media platforms, revelers have of the past been critical toward the 'Beauty with Purpose' from Busoga's too much closeness with singer Bassajamivule Grenade Official as they alleged that the celebrated mother had fallen in love again with a young man worth to be her child.

Through her entire social media platforms, Zari has reminded haters that how has got every right to do what is earning her total happiness especially in these times of quarantine given the fact that as a Girl, she made her wealth and family a little bit earlier and by then, she has to be living her life in any way she feels like.

Zari with her kids

According to Zari, she is deemed to be living a luxurious life as a Boss Lady worth befitting the showbiz no wonder critics shouldn't expect her in gardens like their mothers sweating for a living.

"Given the fact that we are in quarantine, I have a lot to talk and less to do. We girls who gained our wealth and families so earlier, this is the life that every one should be experiencing; having adorable houses, driving luxurious rides and have nothing to worry about. But I'm disappointed by haters always criticizing my personal life on social media. Do you prefer watching over while I'm sweating in gardens like your mothers?

I think I haven't yet clocked that level since the life of a Boss Lady most especially when you have enough dimes is a bit different, the things I'm doing with my children are never questionable after all I'm not ready to be doing garden work with your mothers. If you aren't a fan of my personal life, just unfollow me on my entire social media platforms since I'm not ready to be depressed during this time of quarantining."-Zari Hassan.

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