Pallaso says that he left TNS because of satanic rituals

Posted on Sep 08, 2019
By Editor
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A few months back just after the death of Ak47 the Twatoba singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso left the famous Team No sleep music group but he didnt not reveal his reasons why. All he said was that it was due to personal reasons but now the truth is out.

Pallaso took it to his instagram today and revealed the big mystery behind leaving Sheebah Karungi alone in the hands of music promoter Sekyewa.

Pallaso says that he was warned some time back by Radio and weasel to leave tns and sekyewa because he is evil but he couldn’t listen not u till his young brother died in the presence of sekyewa and upto now no one has ever come out to tell the cause of the death of ‘Tukikolemu’ singer.

He goes ahead to tell about Sekyewa’s kansanga based bar and longue called Dejavu the same place ak47 died from. Its in this same bar that TNS artists hangout from including their most loyal promoter called Kay Tabs who recently got himself a tattoo in the middle of his face.

This tattoo Kay Tabs got is well known for satanic rituals of illuminati. Its of a pyramid with an eye in the middle known as “The over seeing eye.”
Pallaso continues to warn that it wont be too long till the whole truth will be revealed soon.

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