Jose Chameleone Exposes Pallaso's Women that Keep Disturbing Him

Posted on Mar 11, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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To prove the fact that his brother was not beaten up in South Africa for trying to chew a married woman, veteran singer Jose Chameleone has come out to reveal how a forest of women have endlessly been making his phones busy while inquiring when his young brother, Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso would be back in the country.

The Sucker Free Boss who was way back allegedly subjected to xenophobic attacks while on his music tour in South Africa jetted back home on Tuesday 10th and apart from being ushered with a warm reception from his family and fans, the later held a presser at Sky Lounge where he told his story to the nation.

When handed a chance to share something about his young brother's fateful experience while in South Africa, the 'Baliwa' singer opened up how he was pleased to see his brother back home not in pieces but as a whole thereby revealing how Ugandan women have always been inquiring from him about Pallaso's health conditions and when he would be back home.

Watch the video below:

According to the Leone Island Music Empire CEO's speech, he tried to prove critics wrong about how the 'Ekiro munzikiza' singer isn't too greedy and lustful to the extent of messing up with married women as it was alleged given the fact that he is got a lot back home.

"A lot of my female friends have all along been making my phones busy as they endlessly want to be updated when Pallaso is coming back and I had to keep them at bay as I promised them how he will be back soon," Jose Chameleone.

Check out Jose Chameleone's confession below;

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