Spice Diana and A Pass pour out deep feelings for eachother, Are the two already chewing themselves?

Posted on Jan 14, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Is Spice Diana the new girl spicing up A Pass' huge cassava while feasting on it or the two are just on showbiz? This is currently the question on everyone's mind wondering whether the two musicians are already a couple.

As the count down continues towards her highly anticipated music concert, songbird Spice Diana and fellow Alexander Bagonza aka A Pass seem to be deeply in love given the endless love portions that they are enjoying on social media.

Despite several male musicians confessing too much lust and admiration for the beautiful Source Management songstress, the 'Omusheshe' singer had never come out publicly to confess the identity of the mysterious man that for long has been irrigating her juicy garden.

But Spice Diana recently shocked social media in-laws confessing inner feelings for A Pass through sweet talking and yearning to see him having gone AWOL for almost a week hence needed to sink her sight onto him so as to calm down her stressed out life that was filled with a lot of thoughts about him.

"Baby Jangu ondabe, I really miss you 😘 Daddy Bagonza, it has been a week nga sikulaba Daddy. I need you Daddy 😢," Stated Spice Diana.

The controversial singer and songwriter finally answered Spice Diana's woes last Monday by assuring her how he had been absent from her without leave but would be soon back with her too much love thereby readiness to prove his true affection and feelings for the '32' hit singer to the public at large in just a few.

"Sweet Spice Diana am coming sweets, ate Okimanyi Nkwagala ❤️ and I promise to give you some sweet things sweet Diana ❤️
I want the world to know bwenkufilinga Sweets, olusi nkubulako naye am coming baby. Nkimanyi Concert ekuwuba mbadde sagala kutawanya naye nange nkwetaga sweets. 😘😘😘 #Nkwagala ❤️❤️❤️ #17JanFreedomcity."
A Pass.

Despite having a crush on her, it is well known that the "Chuupa Ku chuupa" singer has a fiancée though they have been not at good terms for the past months but according to the book marks, this is likely not be a stunt given the fact that Spice Diana has for long hid the real man enjoying her forbidden fruit and on several interviews claiming that she was still young to participate in love affairs.

We shall keep you posted.

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