Mowzey Radio's Grave to Be Turned Into a Museum For Tourists

Posted on Jan 11, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Late musician Moses Sekibogo Nakintije's Nakawuka Grave is finally going to be opened up for the public to start visiting after family announcing how they are going to be turning it into a Mausoleum where his personal belongings will also be hanged for his fans to see including all Awards he won.

According to Mowzey Radio's Family, they are going to be opening it to the public on 1st February, the day he died and his personal belongings will a also be displayed and on the wall, a flat screen playing the singer's music videos back to back will be some of the things to look out for as his anniversary is celebrated.

The mausoleum containing the body of Mowzey Radio will on 1st February, 2020 be opened to tourists, fans and others who wish to connect with the works of the singer ranging from his music, personal belongings especially clothes that he wore in his last years even though they will however leave some nominal fee that will be used to take care of the mausoleum.

The Late Mowzey Radio

The family has requested all fans and friends to forward pics that were taken with Mowzey Radio so that they can be displayed in a certain slot in the Mausoleum and they warn that this could be the biggest tourist site in the country.

Mowzey Radio's grave also has most of his hit songs displayed on the tombstone including; Zuena, Nakutamani, Akalimu, Hellena, Whistle Song, She's a five star gal, Tononya, Hamidah, Gutamiza, Potential, Talk and Talk and Nyambura among others.

The Mausoleum was paid for by socialite Bryan White, who also completed the house where Mowzey Radio's mom currently stays.


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