List Of Top 10 Best Uganda Female Musicians 2019

Posted on Dec 30, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Top 10

2019 was mostly dominated by female musicians, both new and established ones but our team of experts had to spot out the top 10 most outstanding ones musically hence this tough list.

Below is the list of the top 10 Ugandan musicians 2019:

1. Spice Diana:

When it comes to music, Spice Diana has surely been the biggest female musician of the year having released hit music ever since the year begun up to the end and now she has been ranked as our number 1 female musician currently. She has released so many hit songs including; Ekyejo, Bagikona, Jangu Ondabe, Tokoppa, Bilungo, Nsitula ft. Daddy Andre, Mood and Obisaana.

2. Vinka:

Without any doubt, Vinka has had  avery great year musically with hard work and  a huge music contract with Sony Music, Vinka really derseves to be in this position when it comes to the best female musicians in Uganda this year. Among the songs she has released include: Luyimba lwo’mwaka, Goodie Goodie, Sure, Red Card, Yo Body, Amaaso, Bigambo, By the way and Njakusitula.

3. Rema Namakula:

With not so many songs, Rema Namakula’s music has been so big and trendy this year making her deserving this big position on our list. Rema has released hit music and managed to stay in the news for more than 8months. Among the music she released include; Be With You, Gutujja, More of This, and many others.

4. Karole Kasita:

Even putting her succesful music concert aside, Karole Kasita has had a great year when it comes to music with so many hit songs, relevant music and trendy even in Fashion. She has released songs in 2019 like; Yaka, Mwoto with Cindy, Binyuma, and Baby Papa with Daddy Andre.

5. Sheebah Karungi:

Having started off the year with a big music collabo, Silwana with Carol Nantongo, Sheebah has definitely been among the top best female musicians in Uganda with so many other big songs like; Replace Me, Atarudi cover from Coke Studio, Jealousy, Kimansulo, and Onkutudde.

6. Cindy Sanyu:

Putting her battle demand with Sheebah Karungi, this year Cindy has also been among the top female musicians we have in Uganda as she has released so many hit songs including one of the biggest ones of the year ever, Boom Party. She has also released Copi Cat which opened up doors for battles, and also Mwoto with Karole Kasita.

7. Recho Rey:

As the only female rapper on our list, Recho Rey has definitely had a great year when it comes to music. She has been one of people’s favorites in the country with hit songs like; Kiggwa, Kiki Ekidako and Bwogana with Winnie Nwagi.

8. Winnie Nwagi:

The Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has definitely been one of the country’s biggest female musicians having been able to stay so relevant musically with so many hit songs including; Amaaso with Vinka, For You, Yitayo with Chozen Blood, and so many others.

9. Nina Roz:


Nina Roz has been one of the most hardworking and proving to stay in the music industry longer as she has toured the whole country giving her fans a sound of her music. She has had big hit songs like; Munda Ddala and Nkulowooza.

10. Kapa Cat:

Kapa Cat is  anew and young female musician with this year being her first breakthrough in the music industry but she has been able to win over so many people’s hearts with her comic music like; Sikyo and Kappa Ojimanyi.


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