List Of Top 10 Best Male Uganda Musicians 2019

Posted on Dec 29, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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The Uganda music industry has grown so much over the years and 2019 showed so much growth not only in the music video sector but also in terms of production so our team of experts has put together a list of the Top Best Male Musicians in Uganda 2019.

Below is the List of the Top Ten Best Male Musicians in Uganda:

1. John Blaq:

Without any doubt, 2019 was a year for John Blaq to shine musically and as a person with so many big hit songs and a successful music concerts which more could he ever ask for? Just this year John Blaq has released hit songs like; Makanika, Don Stop wit Daddy Andre, Do Dat, Tewelumya Mutwe, Maama Bulamu, Ebintu Byo with Ykee Benda, Ebyalagirwa and the latest one Nekwataako, making him the biggest male musician of 2019.

2. Bebe Cool:

The Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool is still on top of this list with so many very good music and incredibly expensive and nice music videos. Bebe Cool has this year worked so hard to uphold the Uganda music industry high with hit songs like; Easy, RnB with Harrysongs, Nkuliyo, Want It, Wire Wire and the latest one with B2C called Amatu Magule, all songs ending up as big bangers.

3. Eddy Kenzo:

Apart from all the drama that surrounded his breakup with baby mama Rema Namakula, Eddy Kenzo has had a great year 2019 when it comes to music with amazing music videos and relevant songs. Eddy Kenzo has this year released songs like; Volongoto, Signal, Inabana with Harmonize, Don’t Care Bikyuuka and the latest one Semyekozo making him one of the top musicians of 2019.

4. Daddy Andre:

There’s no way you can talk about Ugandan music of 2019 and leave out Daddy Andre. The man has worked so hard from songwriting to production to singing. This year has been so incredible for Daddy Andre as he released so many hit songs including; Ku Kyokya, Don’t Stop, Nsitula with Spice Diana, Nitampata, Sikikukweka, Baby Papa with Karole Kasita, I Like and so many others.

5. Fik Fameica:

From being awarded as the most stylish male artiste of 2019, Fik Fameica has had a great 2019 even after changing of his management with so many big songs that have made him stay relevant and on top of the game. He has released songs like; Am Different, Byompa with Pia Pounds, Tobiloberamu, Omu Bwati, Wansakata, Dingidingi Dole, Tell Me and Acha Ungese with Rosa Ree.

6. Grenade Official:

Apart from all the news and drama that has been surrounding his name, Grenade Official has had an increble 2019 making it big on the music scene of Uganda. He has released hit songs like; Replace Me with Sheebah, Nkuloga, Mpulira Bibyo, Olimba, Mukago and Amen.

7. B2C Entertainment:

The B2C aka Kampala Boyz have this year not released so many songs but the few they have released have all definitely bit banger hits making them relevant enough to make it to our top 10. They have released songs like; Byamanyi, Nyweza with TIP Swizzy, Tebigatika, Amatu Magule with Bebe Cool, Freaky Love with Rabadaba and the biggest one Gutujja with Rema Namakula.

8. Feffe Busi:

He’s probably the biggest Hip Hop artiste and rapper in Uganda currently and this year he has released so many hit songs and freestyles that have made him stay among the top best musicians in Uganda. In 2019 Feffe Busi released songs like; Love Yoo, Baagala, Anjagala Rmx, Koyi Koyi remake, and Boboclat with Ykee Benda.

9. Pallaso:

The Sucker Free Boss Pallaso has worked so hard this year 2019 with so much good music right from the start upto the end of the year with all his music still in circulation, playing big and making it to the top countdowns we have. This year Pallaso has released songs like; Destroy, Kilira, Ndikuwaki, Ekiro Muzikiza, and so many other big songs.

10. Fresh Kid:

Still so young and big enough to make it to our list of the top male musicians of 2019. Fresh Kid has not only covered all news this year but also had revelers on their toes waiting for the next song he is dropping and being his first year in music, he has released well ranking songs like; Banteeka, Bambi, Kyogereko and Talanta.

Bonus: Rickrick Man

There’s no way you can mention top songs and leave out Ebango, this has made Rickman make it to our list of the top male musicians this year as this song played for almost 8months nonstop and each time making revelers stand on their feet to groove to it. He also recently released a new one called “Tunyumirwe” which is also  abig song.


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