VIDEO: How disappointed Bad Black smashed a glass on Don Bahati's head, he promises to sue her

Posted on Dec 28, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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South African based Ugandan Rich Gang member, Don Bahati Lubega has opened up an assault case at Jinja Road Police station on socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black after the latter attacked him on Boxing Day at Club Guvnor thereby hitting his head with bottle.

According to the money bags socialite Don Bahati, Bad Black buried her shame and brokenness to attack him during his highly anticipated annual party themed 'Money, Power and Fame' where partiers had convened to witness the power of cash at Club Guvnor on Boxing Day.

It all started when the renowned city thigh vendor who had been invited under the too much pressure from tycoon Bahati's close friends turned jealousy by the way Bahati was showing off a big bag claiming it was full of money.

In a bid of clearing the air that Don Bahati was just showing off with an empty money bag, the controversial socialite ended up snatching the bag and opened it to publicly reveal a huge jacket that was filling the bag and not money that many had conceded before.

Bad Black was immediately dumped out of the vicinity thereby hurling a bottle of whiskey towards Bahati, catching his face and injuring his left eye.

It must be remembered that in August 2015, Ivan Kamyuka was charged of manslaughter after taking John Ahimbisibwe's life as he hit him with a broken broken bottle during confrontation at Club Guvnor over a chic.

Bahati has affirmed how he isn't ready to battle a faded and a broke socialite like Bad Black but hand her over to justice for the law to take its course.

He has handed the matter to police by opening up an assualt case file: SD REF: 02/27/12/2019 at Jinja Road Police station regarding the incident.

“I am not the one who told her to get broke, I make my money and spend it. I have given out a car this night, given out money like I promised fans and cut thousands of cakes. If Bad Black finds a problem with it, then I am not responsible for her poverty,” he claimed.

Watch the video below:

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