Mudra Di Viral Remixes D Star’s Viral Song Titles ‘Hoozambe - Shifra’, Get it Here

Posted on June 07, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Trendy Dancehall singer and songwriter, Mudra D Viral has jumped on upcoming singer D Star’s viral Hoozambe Remix, Shifra which has been trending for the past few days, they have released the audio already.

This song is currently one of the most trending songs in the country. It has gone viral on different social media platforms.

It's audio started trending over a video that was recorded and posted on TikTok showing Hoozambe freestyling and singing with a girl sitting on his lips.

Many people are doing challenges in it and it’s definitely going to become bigger especially with Mudra on it. The song was produced by Horace DJ and mastered by the legendary Herbert Skills. It is set to drop this Friday.

D Star is among the couple of artists who have sprouted from TikTok. And the platform has also contributed to their songs going viral. Among others include the likes of Alien Skin, Fik Gaza among others.

Hopefully Hoozambe Remix will open more doors for D Star to become a mega star in future. Because Mudra is one of the big starts that have brough talents to the scene through collaborating with them.

Download the audio below:

Hoozambe - Mudra D Viral ft D Star | Mp3 Download

Watch the Video below: