“Male Musicians Asked Me for My Sumbie If I Want a Collabo”- Zafaran Confesses

Posted on June 06, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Swangz Avenue singer Zafaran, real name  Josephine Nakyoonyi has opened up about the overwhelming number of top male musicians that beg her for some sumbie if she wants them to give her a musical collabo, this has shocked many.

Through a statement put up via her X account, Zafaran opened up about her frustration with male musicians in the Uganda music industry.

Zafaran revealed that some male musicians ask for some nkudi in return for a music collaboration, something she finds disheartening.

As a female artist in Uganda, I am disheartened by what male artists take us through before we work with them. A male artist will ask for sex in return for a collaboration, Really??. Is that what other females are doing?? Our music industry should be a place of mutual respect and professional integrity, not a marketplace for exploitation. I stand with every woman who has faced similar challenges and call upon all of us to demand better. Let’s work together to create a music industry that values talent and collaboration over coercion and misconduct. I’m so tired & fed up”- she posted.

Zafaran also went ahead and urged her fellow musicians who have faced similar situations to stand up for themselves and strive for better conditions.

Below is her tweet: