Pia Pounds’ Ex-Fiance Daville Flies to Zanzibar with Fiance Daven for their Dream Wedding (VIDEO)

Posted on May 29, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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City photographer and ex-fiance of singer Pia Pounds, Daville Mutabazi has flown out of the country all the way to Zanzibar with his yet to be wedded wife Daven Briven in anticipation for their big day, an upcoming wedding ceremony.

Taking it to their social media, the renown photographer has in the past few weeks been sharing romantic photos and videos of himself with Daven but now it looks like the big day is already almost here.

The couple got engaged last year and eagerly awaited their marriage ceremony. This week, they traveled to Zanzibar, where they planned their long-awaited wedding at the luxurious Lux Marijani resort.

"Come with us for our destination wedding.....- he posted.

He then added that; “The pre wedding…..Photography”- while attaching photos while at the beach.

Surrounded by their loved ones, Daville Mutabazi and Daven are ready to exchange vows and start their journey as husband and wife, with nothing but love and happiness in their hearts.