Tonik’s Ex-Girlfriend and City Slayer Sharne Natukunda ‘Kwepicha’ Videos Released, Get them Here

Posted on May 29, 2024
By Editor
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Social media has been awashed with “Enkudi” video clips of city slay queen, Sharon Natukunda aka Sharne 76, well remembered for dating singer Toniks back in 2018, the Kwepicha videos have excited netizens fulling them with satisfaction.

According to the videos seen by Blizz Uganda snoops, they show the Ugandan socialite busy on her own doing all kinds of teasing and satisfaction.

Sharne aka Sharon is well known for always showing off her lavish lifestyle on her Instagram page where she shows off the various high-end restaurants and holiday destinations that she visits.

Her videos were put out by social media blogger Senga Acid and have since then filled different social media platforms.

The videos look like they were not recorded at the same time.

Sharne is also known for once being so close to media personality Anitah Fabiola before the later got married.

Natukunda Sharne Videos Below: