“Daily UG Used to Steal My Money and Chew Other Women in My Bed”- Queen Leylah Confesses

Posted on May 20, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Famous Ugandan TikTok creator turned singer, Loukman Kaweesi aka Daily UG has faced it rough after his American Lover Queen Leylah spilling embarasing secrets of things he used to do her, chewing other women, stealing her money and even locking the home toilet door.

Through a TikTok Live stream video, Leylah has confirmed that she is no longer romantically involved with Daily UG as he beat her, and she even had a miscarriage.

People didn’t know about it not until Queen Leylah went on tiktok and told their followers what exactly happened and why they ended up calling it quits on both of their sides.

Queen Leyla and and Daily Ug met on TikTok. The two fell in love with each other that ended up making it to marriage. As a Muslim man, when the lady took a trip to Uganda to check her they sealed it.

Queen Leyla already had a child before she got into a relationship with Daily UG from her past relationship, a beautiful baby girl whose father was also abusive to her.

When the two first met at Entebbe Airport

According to the lady,Daily Ug has always presented a different version of himself on social media. People know him as this good person when he is actually not that good in real life.

Leyla has now exposed Daily UG, one of the most revered Ugandans on TikTok with 2.5 million followers for being a very hostile husband, as the two had been dating for about five months before she relocated to Uganda.

She said that he was very manipulative, disrespectful and a narcissist of all people she has ever met in her life. Instead of holding on to him, she said she couldn’t take it any more.

“Me and Daily Ug are no longer together because of his bad behavior. He was very disrespectful and he was a narcissist on top of everything. I have never seen a person like him, he used to bring women to my bed, beat me up and even steal my money.

I Will never forget those terrible days he could go out to eat with my money then come back empty handed, he even used to lock the fridge and even the bathroom, i cried day and night and i Lost weight”- she stated.

Leylah went ahead and stated that she loves Uganda and her misunderstanding sign Daily Ug will not stop him from coming back to visit and check on the friends she made.

Watch her video below: