“I Can Never Cheat on Chosen Becky, She is the Only Mother of My Kids”- Dictator Amir Cries Out

Posted on May 09, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Celebrity boyfriend, Dictator Amir has come out and almost cried on a social media video while begging netizens to stop claiming he cheated on his baby mama, singer Chosen Becky, Amir says that he has only 3 Kids and these are with the 'Bankuza' singer.

Clearly frasturated Dictator Amir, was truly heartbroken and angry that TikToker and former Baba TV presenter Janie Ellery Namukasa claimed he cheated on his wife and even gave birth outside.

He has expressed his displeasure with the Vloggers for accusing him of having a child outside his relationship with Chosen Becky by calling them baseless and full of lies.

"Ensonga nzitute mateeka Gatulamule….These People Went Too Personal with Wrong Lies and no facts era simanyi Ki Kyebatwagaza. I have Only Three Kids Thats Hrim, Heather, & Jibran. Nekolela Sente Zange Okubawerera nokubalabirira Abamanyi bakimanyi. Naye these People Baninyiridenyo ate Nga byebogera Sibituufu. Where did Humanity Go?"- Amir said in the video.

Amir, who also doubles as the manager of Becky and also the father of her three says that the lies put out by Janie Namukasa have destroyed his family.

He also said that he has decided to take legal action against her false accusations as now the matters are in the hands of his lawyers.

Watch the video below: