“I Dated a Sugar Mummy Who Made Me Sleep with Evil Spirits”- Jovan Luzinda Narrates

Posted on April 14, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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In an interview with Ruth Kalibbala Bwanika, renowned musician Jovan Luzinda unveiled a shocking story of his entanglement with a sugar mummy, who made him sleep with evil spits, how he has been bewitched several times to near death experiences.

Luzinda, known for his frankness, expressed deep regret regarding his involvement with an older woman who provided financial support. He emphasized the importance of independence and hard work, urging young artists and the youth to chart their own paths to success rather than relying on the allure of easy money.

The musician did not shy away from detailing the challenges he encountered in his liaison, citing overprotectiveness and the looming shadow of the music industry's spotlight as major issues. Furthermore, he underscored the exploitation that can occur in such dynamics, with older women manipulating young men for their own gains.

Drawing from his personal journey, Luzinda issued a heartfelt plea to aspiring artists and the younger generation, urging them to avoid the allure of sugar mummies and instead focus on honing their craft and building their careers through diligence and determination.

In a surprising turn, Luzinda also weighed in on the ongoing public drama involving fellow artists Prince Omar and Grace Khan, urging Omar to take responsibility for his actions and embrace the role of fatherhood.

Watch the video below: