VIDEO: Spice Diana‘s Manager, Lubega Roger Vows to Put Back Sense Into Jenkins Mukasa & Eddy Sendi‘s Heads

Posted on March 13, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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The fiery exchange ignited when Spice Diana herself took to social media to unleash a storm, dragging Jenkins Mukasa into a blunty, accusing him of having a "smelly mouth and pupu filled stomach" has taken a new twist as her manager Roger Lubega issues a serious warning also.

Spice Diana made allegations claiming that Mukasa had been consistently spreading negative rumors about her.

Roger Lubega, Spice Diana's manager, didn't hesitate to join the fray, throwing down the gauntlet by challenging Mukasa to provide concrete evidence regarding Spice Diana's recently acquired Range Rover vehicle.

Lubega went a step further, offering a hefty reward of Shs5 million to anyone who could substantiate the claims. In a warning shot across the bow, Lubega also made it clear that the silence of Eddy Sendi, another prominent figure in the industry, shouldn't be mistaken for indifference.

The feud between Jenkins Mukasa and Spice Diana has been simmering for some time now, with both parties engaging in a back-and-forth of shade-throwing and confrontational exchanges.

Watch his video below:

Stay tuned for further updates as this spicy saga continues.