Fik Gaza Gifted with the Same Rang Rover Alien Skin Was Driving Last Year

Posted on February 21, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Celebrity Gossip

On 30th June 2023 as singer Alien Skin returned back to the country from a performance abroad, he unveiled a Range Rover Sport which he posed as his only for him to loose it 2 months later, now his rival Fik Gaza has been spotted cruising the same car.

In a video clip spotted by Blizz Uganda, Fik Gaza who was reportedly arrested for chaos, was seen cruising in a the same Range Rover with red numberplates hence raising alot of questions.

Fik Gaza in this clip brags about how much he is blessed and how music has turned his life around from the ghettos to dining with the big men.

It should be noted that Fik and Alien Skin have been in a battle for months now since he quit from the later's camp.


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