A Pass Joins Angry Ugandans Crucifying MC Mariachi for Body-Shaming Tenge Tenge Live on Stage

Posted on February 15, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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During the Valentine’s Day show  hosted by Comedy Store, comedian MC Mariachi rediculed and bitterly abused TikTok comedian Rango Tenge Tenge to an extent of saying that if his wife gives birth to such a child, he would gladly leave him in the hospital, now Ugandans are angry at him including singer A Pass.

The "Wuuyo" singer, A Pass voiced his dissatisfaction with comedian MC Mariach for allegedly body-shaming TikTok sensation Rango Tenge Tenge.

The star-studded event featured performances from renowned figures such as MC Mariach and The Ben, alongside the emerging TikTok sensation Rango Tenge Tenge. However, the festive atmosphere took a contentious turn when MC Mariach incorporated jokes that were deemed disrespectful towards Tenge Tenge, leaving many attendees, including A Pass, displeased.

Responding to the incident, A Pass took to a TikTok live broadcast to express his frustration and critique MC Mariach's actions. The "Gamululu" star argued that instead of mocking and demeaning Tenge Tenge under the guise of comedy, MC Mariach should have uplifted him.

A Pass highlighted Tenge Tenge's international acclaim, making it unfortunate that fellow countrymen would resort to demoralizing him. The singer strongly advocated for Comedy Store bosses to reconsider their guidelines, emphasizing the need to ensure the platform's suitability for all attendees.

Watch him speak out below: