Winnie Nwagi Yearns for Chozen Blood’s Attention in New Leaked Audio Recording

Posted on February 14, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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As the rest of the world is celebrating love through Valentine's day, singer Winnie Nwagi is yearning for it from fellow singer Chozen Blood according to a newly leaked audio recording that has since gone viral.

leaked audio involving Ugandan singers Chozen Blood and Winnie Nwagi. The audio, which surfaced online, has ignited curiosity and left fans puzzled as it hints at a potential rift between the two artists.

The leaked recording captures Winnie Nwagi expressing her disappointment with Chozen Blood's alleged cold shoulder, creating an air of mystery around their relationship. Nwagi's candid frustration suggests a sense of mistreatment, leading to widespread speculation about the nature of their association.

Listeners are drawn into the unfolding drama as Nwagi declares her decision not to call Chozen Blood again, leaving fans to wonder if this signals the end of a friendship or hints at something more romantic. The intriguing dynamics between the two artists have left many questioning the true nature of their relationship.

The leaked audio, which seems to capture a moment of emotional turbulence for Nwagi, adds a layer of complexity to the puzzle. It appears that the purported ghosting has taken an emotional toll on the singer, prompting her to share her feelings through a heartfelt voice note.

Despite the sensational nature of the leaked audio, the actual relationship between Chozen Blood and Winnie Nwagi remains shrouded in mystery, as the artists are not known to have a significant public history together. The only public collaboration between the two was on the track "Yitayo" four years ago, and since then, they have skillfully kept their personal entanglements away from the prying eyes of the public.

Listen to it below: