Singer Alien Skin Sets His Car on Fire, BMW Burns Down to Ashes While He Walks Away (VIDEO)

Posted on Feb 12, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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A video clip showing Fangone Forest boss, singer Alien Skin setting his car on fire has gone viral, showing the old-scrappy BMW burning down to ashes as the self proclaimed "Kibanda" walks away like a rich film-star in those 1900s movies.

The incident, captured on video and making rounds on various platforms, shows the artist's car engulfed in flames while surrounded by his enthusiastic fans.

Alien Skin, who came onto the music scene just last year, has defied expectations, maintaining his rapid rise to fame despite unconventional methods.

According to a video making rounds, the decision to set his aging and glitch-ridden BMW ablaze was allegedly fueled by the singer's frustration with the vehicle's mechanical malfunctions. In a moment seemingly straight out of a Hollywood script, Alien Skin's bodyguard, known as Clement, playfully claimed that, as a man of wealth, the singer opted to give his problematic car a fiery send-off when it abruptly halted during his journey.

However, it remains unclear whether the claims of vehicular arson were made in anger, as the true motive behind this automotive pyrotechnics display is yet to be established.

Despite the mysterious circumstances surrounding the car-burning spectacle, Alien Skin has proven to be adept at staying relevant in the ever-evolving world of showbiz.

Watch the video below:

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