Tragic Yet Heroic: Link Bus Driver Parks on the Side of the Road and Dies Immediately Enroute to Kasese

Posted on Feb 08, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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With passengers aboard a Link bus (REG No. UBG 040H) en route to Kasese, they experienced shock and grief as their driver passed away while bravely ensuring the safety of those on board. He parked aside before passing.

Eyewitness accounts reveal that the yet-to-be-identified driver demonstrated exceptional responsibility by steadily decelerating and pulling over to the roadside before his untimely demise. The incident occurred on the highway as the bus was making its way from Kampala to Kasese.

Passengers onboard reported that the driver, destined for Fort Portal, took a courageous decision to halt the bus at a safe location before succumbing to an unknown cause. Social media has been buzzing with a video capturing the poignant moment when the link bus driver valiantly prioritized the safety of his passengers.

Amidst the uncertainties surrounding the driver's sudden passing, a photo of him and the bus has circulated on social media platforms, acting as an informal means to inform his family and friends about the tragic event.

While Link buses are unfortunately associated with accidents on the road, this particular driver's decision to park before facing his health crisis has been deemed an act of heroism.

The passengers, though inconvenienced by the unexpected delay, emerged unharmed from the incident.

Details surrounding the cause of the driver's death remain undisclosed, suggested that he may have experienced a heart attack while driving, hindering the possibility of seeking immediate medical assistance.

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