Chosen Becky Unveils Adorable Face of Her New Baby Boy Mutebi Jibran Nsubuga!

Posted on February 05, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Songstress Chosen Becky, known offstage as Kwikiriza Rebecca, has joyfully introduced the newest member of her family to the world – her charming baby boy, Mutebi Jibran Nsubuga with husband and manager, Dictator Amir.

Having welcomed the bouncing bundle of joy last year, this marks the third addition to Chosen Becky's family and the second with her current boyfriend, the dashing Dictator Amir. The musical duo embarked on their journey of love when Chosen Becky entered the music scene, and their romance has been hitting all the right notes ever since.

Throughout their musical and personal journey together, the duo has showcased support for one another – both online and through tangible gestures.

Notably, when the power couple welcomed their first child, they chose to keep the joyous occasion under wraps, revealing their son to the world only when he reached the tender age of two.

This time, however, it's a different tune, as Chosen Becky proudly shared the first glimpses of her newest arrival while he is still in the early months of infancy.

The heartwarming photos posted on Chosen Becky's social media platforms depict a radiant family, radiating happiness and togetherness.