Social Media Crucifies Justine Nameere for Introducing a Man Younger than Her, Labelled a Sugar Mummy

Posted on January 17, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Celebrity Gossip

Former TV presenter, Justine Nameere, has faced it rough after photos of her Kwanjula ceremony going viral, showing her with her husband Kennedy Nsubuga as people claim she married a man way younger than her, making her a cougar who is after a huge cassava.

Nameere has found herself at the center of a social media storm but has not held back as people are labeling Nameere as a "sugar mummy" for introducing a man they deemed younger than her.

A few days ago, witnessed a surge in memes and comments, with some witty netizens playfully suggesting that Nameere has a penchant for "eating unripe mangoes." Undeterred by the online backlash, Nameere decided to confront the criticism head-on, launching a spirited defense of her relationship and husband against the onslaught of negative remarks.

In a fiery response to approximately 1,000 comments, Nameere didn't shy away from exchanging barbs and hurling colorful insults at those who questioned her choice of a younger partner. Social media users took it a step further by crafting edited images, humorously portraying Nameere as younger and her man as older.

"Those idle merchants are joking, nobody, and I repeat, nobody will insult my family, and I keep quiet on them. I will make them eat their mother and her twinnies. My man is busy with work and wedding plans, and you see old men ill-talking him. And why are ugly men most hurt by my marriage?" Nameere boldly declared.

The former television personality, determined to shield her family from the virtual vitriol, utilized every tool at her disposal, including the strategic use of insults. In a subsequent social media post, she issued a warning to potential detractors, affirming her readiness to fiercely protect her loved ones.