"Stop Offering Me Money to Chew My Sumbie, I Don't Sell"- Former Kadaama Posha 256 Exposes Top MPs

Posted on Jan 13, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Former Saudi Kadaama, TikTok content creator and Fufa TV presenter, Posha Vioshy, commonly known as Posha 256 has bitterly exposed all top men in the city who have offered her money wanting to chew her juicy sumbie as she always shakes her Nyash on social media.

Speaking out angrily through a TikTok live video, Posha has shed light on a disturbing trend involving influential politicians approaching her with propositions for sexual favors in exchange for financial support.

This shocking revelation comes from Posha, who, having once been a migrant worker in Arab countries, expressed her disappointment with the unethical behavior exhibited by numerous politicians.

Posha disclosed an incident where a middleman acting on behalf of a politician approached her, indicating that an anonymous figure was willing to pay for her sexual services.

Strongly refuting any involvement in such activities, Posha emphatically stated that she does not partake in any form of prostitution and vehemently urged those engaging in or contemplating such actions to cease immediately.

The content creator, who has gained widespread popularity for her entertaining and informative videos, took to various social media platforms to share her disappointment and clarify her stance on the matter. Despite claims circulating among Posha's acquaintances suggesting her involvement in such activities, she made it unequivocally clear that she does not resort to prostitution as a means to achieve success in life.

The revelation has sparked discussions across social media platforms, with many expressing support for Posha and condemning the alleged actions of the politicians involved. Netizens have been quick to highlight the importance of addressing such misconduct and holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

Watch her speak out below:

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