"Ray G was Very Disrespectful, He Has to Apologize for All Abuses He Said to Me"- Azawi Claims

Posted on December 30, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Swangz Avenue singer Azawi has spoken out about her bitter fight with Western Uganda star Ray G by claiming that the later must apologize for interrupting her performance, abusing her while on stage and using her name for news.

The incident has sparked a social media storm and left fans wondering about the true nature of this musical skirmish since the altercation unfolded as Azawi was handed the microphone to kick off her performance.

However, in an unexpected twist, Ray G stormed the stage, asserting his desire to take the spotlight first. A video capturing the confrontation quickly went viral, triggering a digital uproar among fans of both artists.

Azawi, unyielding in the face of disruption, continued to press on with her set despite Ray G's interference. The clash resulted in a temporary standstill, with fans taking to social media to voice their opinions on the dramatic incident.

In a compelling statement released on Friday morning, Azawi labeled Ray G as a "disrespectful" artist, accusing him of intentionally disrupting her performance to undermine fellow artists. She asserted that the intrusion was not only unprofessional but also accompanied by verbal abuse, demanding an apology from her fellow artist.

"I tried to avoid a pointless argument started by a disrespectful artist. Your interruption during my performance, along with verbal abuse, and now using this for attention, deserves an apology from you," Azawi declared.


Highlighting the professionalism expected in the industry, Azawi emphasized her commitment to her craft and the respect owed to her audience.

She decried what she perceived as a recurring tactic employed by Ray G in Mbarara, aimed at diminishing the efforts of fellow artists.

Despite the tensions, Azawi assured her Mbarara fans of her unwavering commitment to delivering genuine performances, untainted by disruptive actions.

She expressed gratitude for their support and promised to honor their expectations in the upcoming year.