"Enough is Enough, I Am Tired of Ungrateful Musicians in this Industry"- Manager Roger Barks

Posted on September 21, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Tired of always getting stepped on by different musicians in the industry, talent manager, Lubega Roger has lost his cool and bitterly attacked every musician that has ever put him down including Geosteady the latest one. Roger has exposed bitter secrets of why Geosteady is so bitter towards him.

Yesterday (20 September), Geosteady took to his social media and hinted at some issues between him and Spice Diana's manager, Roger.

"Manager Roger, you are not an easy person to deal with," Geosteady's statement loosely translated.

When Roger came across Geosteady's statement, he was really upset. He took to Instagram and responded with a long post.

Manager Roger shared that he has been a big part of many musicians' lives over the years. Some of them even stayed at his home for months. But all he received in return was disrespect and hate. Roger mentioned that recently, Geosteady contacted him to provide a free service at his Buwama concert. However, Geosteady didn't show up at his own concert due to disagreements with the promoter.

Enough is enough, I am so tired of ungrateful people more so in this industry. Nkoye akamanyiro kabayimbi. Okusirika sibusiru. Many artistes have always dragged my name in mud because balina platforms atte bayimbi munange bo tebagambwako. Nkoyeee akamanyiro. Abantu nga mumanyidde , mulipide Roger.
Mazima ki kyenfunye mukubererewo abayimbi? What have I been paid ,for being your friend? Absolutely nothing okujako okunjogerera nakamanyiro.
Kati Ono gwetwagendende Buwaama kuyimba for free not even fuel at his own concert and yet again he didn’t appear on his own concert. My artiste performed for his crowd but because he has misunderstandings with the promoter (organizer ) he didn’t appear atte namala nada ku social media mbu roger wambwa . Nkukozeki ssebo? Why not say it too!
Some of you have ever slept at my home for a year or 2 under my roof and care, is that how you reward me?
I have been taken for granted for long, anti munnange nze sirina platform eyogerako.
Abayimbi, mbakooye, nkooye nkooye nkooye. Kyemusiga kyemuja okukungula

Manager Roger mentioned that despite Geosteady's absence, Spice Diana performed for the audience. But they were disappointed to learn that Geosteady had taken to social media to attack him and his singer. This made Manager Roger express his exhaustion and frustration with musicians disrespecting him daily, even though he has always been there for them when they needed him the most.