'Omukube' Pretty Nicole Video Clips Trending Online

Posted on June 29, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Social media is covered with photos and video clips allegedly of young socialite Pretty Nicole serving out to a young lad which raised alot of concern of who and why she would record her beans like that.

According to info Blizz Uganda landed on, we can confirm that the said Video clip does not belong to Pretty Nicole but we shall still serve it to your eyes.

Pretty Nicole was known on social media early this year after her video for stealing a friend’s boyfriend made rounds on social media and by then the friend was arrested for her beating and Pretty Nicole was sent to school to continue with education. She had dripped out during Covid19 pandemic.

Everyone is commenting about it but the video itself hasn’t been released anywhere as even the fans are curious to see what is going on but all that is still a rumor.

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