"You Used to Be a Good Singer But Now All You Do Is Sing Garbage Music - Nince Henry to A Pass"

Posted on January 27, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Celebrity Gossip

Singer and renown songwriter, Nince Henry has fired live bullets at Alexander Bagonza aka A Pass to get back to doing good music that will make people dance unlike the 'Garbage' songs he is currently releasing.

Through his social media platforms, Nince Henry warned A Pass that the kind of music he releases these days is not worth listening to or even enjoying.

"Naye Apass onyiiza. Omuntu ayatandika ngokuba real music. All my Apple Music playlist is full of your old music. Kati okaaba bukaabi nga gwebatademu omuti!

Eyo jolaga mukwemoola nokuwomelela fe jetwava ate gwe jodda!

Get the f…k back to your senses and bring back the real APass brother!

The industry is now for extroverts not for neurotics. That melancholic vibe is a cliché right now. Make people dance""- Nince Henry wrote.

Just a few days ago, A Pass dropped his first single in seven months dubbed ‘Abantu’.