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Diin Wiz a.k.a Kizito Siraje, is a Ugandan RnB and Hip hop artist. He was born in 2000 to Mr. and mrs. Kizito of Butambala, Uganda. He grew up with his brother at Ggaba. He went to Kibibi junior school, Kibibi Muslim SS and Kibibi SS for his high school. The passion for music started when he was young being inspired by his father. He started singing in S.2 and has engaged in a number of music battles at K.K beach and in High school and this gave him a go ahead with his music carrier. He recorded several songs with his first song Baby for you by Thate beats/army yard music Kabalagala. Other songs include; I need you, make me your boy and Mpayo chance. He is signed under Onsager Music.

Artist Songs

Diin Wiz

Baleke-Diin Wiz

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