Kenyan singer Avril Nyambura breaks silence about her leaked N#de Pics

Posted on Oct 11, 2019
By Editor
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Judith Nyambura Mwangi, popularly known by her stage name Avril, made news after her unclad pictures circulated on the internet showing her busy cuddling up with a certain female which made revelers label her a lesbian.

Before these pics leaked, Avril wasn’t that famous even though she was signed by Ogopa Deejay’s but when they came out she gained more spotlights just like our Desire Luzinda, now the singer claims she isn’t the one seen in the viral pics.

By the time these pics were released, Avril was in a fling with Dj Crème de la crème who was engaged to his beautiful fiancée but if you didn’t get a chance to see the famous pictures, we have them here for you.

“They say you haven’t made it until someone calls you the ‘L’ (lesbian) word. That is what Kanye said, so whatever! I have never been an experimental type. I have never been experimental with my s3xuality.

I am a straight chic, I am a straight shooter. It was something I came to find out later that there were some people who wanted me to be dropped from Ogopa DJs. They don’t know that I know because somebody from their team later came and told me: ‘By the way, this is what happened… bla bla bla…’ One of the women in that picture wasn’t even me, man!”, Avril confessed during a most recent interview.

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