"If Love Niga Kenzo wants a perfect woman, let him go and marry his mother"- Sheikh Muzaata goes bitter

Posted on Oct 10, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer Rema Namakula was officially taken by Dr Hamza Ssebunya, Her gynecologist lover at Naguru Hospital and now Sheikh Nooh Muzaaata has continued to pour salt on Eddy Kenzo’s fresh wounds by telling him the naked truth about his failed relationship with Rema.

During the invite only ceremony, Sheikh Muzaata was given an opportunity to say a few words of wisdom at Hamza’s ‘Kukyala’ attacked kenzo for not manning up to make Rema his own. Muzaaata blamed Kenzo for demanding motherly love from Rema without putting the ring on it and ended his speech by telling him to go and marry his mum.

Kulika bu love nigga bu semyekozo, obwo tebuwasa buberawo mukwetegereza Kumanyoko ngenda owase nyoko” Literally meaning men like Kenzo who are time wasters should go and marry their mothers.

The audience went ahead and laughed and even though Muzaata never said the name Kenzo, it was evidently clear that his message was directed to Kenzo since he's the only man Rema ever spent so much of her time with while dating.

Watch the Video below:


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