Diggy Baur caught red-handed chewing Viola Nakitende’s sumbie in studio (Photos)

Posted on Oct 06, 2019
By Editor
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The relationships between musicians and their producers and managers normally go beyond the professional one they always claim and the latest one to fall victim is non other than Viola Nakitende and Producer Diggy Baur.

Producer Diggy Baur is an Award winning Producer / songwriter / CEO of Sabula Records and the Official Manager of Violah Nakitende but ever since he signed her up, it is said that the two have been chewing each other and now they have been caught redhanded having s3x.

According to info we have gotten on Blizz Uganda desks, Diggy Baur and Nakitende have been caught in the act. The Lover of Producer Baur, Diana Dee caught her husband pants down drilling Violah Nakitende.

In the wee hours of the night upcoming singer Viola Nakitende and her manager producer Baur were caught pants down by the producer’s lover Diana Dee. It is said Viola Nakitende flee her home and is in hiding after wife to Baur caught them in a sex act.

Diana Dee is said to have beaten her husband Baur and broken all things in the house before quitting her marriage. Producer Baur and Viola Nakitende has previously insisted their relationship is strictly manager-Artiste until last night.

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