VIP Jemo Confesses to Chewing Sugar Mummies Just to Get Some Ka-Money

Posted on March 10, 2022
By Sean Musa Carter
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Celebrity Gossip

The self proclaimed King of New School, VIP Jemo has come out and confessed how he chews older women who fund his music career and feed him with some ka-money.

According to reports, VIP Jemo admitted that because of the bad situations which he had been going through during the COVID-19 pandemic period, he decided to get one of the sugar mumies within Kampala for survival.

Speaking out in a video clip, the “Nakikute” hit maker went ahead and revealed that the money which he has been getting from the Sugar Mummy, he has been using it to invest into her talent and produce good music.

VIP Jemo raise to shine during the times when singer Fik Fameica has just quit Karma Ivan Management and everyone believed that he will overtake Fameica because of his “hit ku hit” blessing in the Industry, only to gave up on the way and decided to opt for a Sugar Mummy.

More details to follow!