Angry South Sudanese Artists Demand for an Apology from Angella Katatumba, She Called them 'Unserious'

Posted on Jan 13, 2022
By Sean Musa Carter
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About 5 months ago, Black Market Records musician Angella Katatumba appeared on a local YouTuber, Wasswa Emma's channel for an interview through which they talked about different issues including her collabo with South Sudanese artist Mr. Green but the comments made have landed her in trouble.

When asked about her collabo with Mr. Green Dancehall Murder, Angella told the interviewer, Emma Wasswa that her management was contacted for a collabo opportunity which she jumped onto.

During this interview, Angella was laughing so mockingly that this has triggered anger in South Sudanese saying that she laughed at their music industry and even undermined them.

Angella and the interviewer went on and laughed at the fact that angry South Sudanese threatened to boycott Ugandan music a few months ago claiming that Ugandans didn’t stand with them when they lost one of their singers named Mantani.

Watch the Interview Below: (with VPN)

However, after this video went viral, different South Sudanese musicians have come out blasting Katatumba and her interviewer for the statements they made.

“I will never forgive you until you apologize to South Sudanese artistes and if you don’t please you won’t like what you have started. No wonder why you have failed to manage the properties you inherited from your father. How dare you talk about our late brother Mantani if you are not a stupid ass bish. I have given you 24 hours to apologise,” Singer Lady Kola said.

Then, Mr. Green also went to his Facebook page and posted;

"Hello south Sudan . This message is for you all.. This viral video you see online was recorded 3 months ago after we had just released the Darling video. When I came across it, it disturbed me, I downloaded it and kept the short clip with me all this while but I couldn't hold it for much longer than to let the people know that the interview was absolutely wrong and racist

Not only him I had interacted with so many other media personalities who are also working on sharing this and condemning the act. By doing this, I expect Justice, unity love and peaceful coexistence amongst us coz we're are neighbors and still belong to east Africa, we south Sudanese support alot the Ugandan artists and we expect the same in return

As we re protesting for peaceful coexistence, I humbly request my fellow south Sudanese to take it peacefully as we're demanding for justice and peace, we should not create enmity because of this misunderstanding which we're working to fix."- parts of his post read.

After all this, Wasswa Emma, the YouTuber who conducted the interview went to his channel and recorded a new video while telling his side of the story and apologizing to all South Sudanese stating that he never meant to disrespect them as he also has deep roots from their country.

Watch His Apology below:

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